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July 19, 2024 - The Preston Street Rapid Bridge Replacement Notice has now been posted. Preston Street has been closed between St. Anthony Street and Young Street and will reopen August 6, 2024. The Rapid Bridge Replacement will occure the weekend of July 25th to July 29th, click here for the Live Stream. Additional information and detours can also be found on the Public Notices page and the City of Ottawa's traffic website.

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Project Overview

The Ministry of Transportation is replacing Highway 417 bridges at five locations along Highway 417 due to the deteriorating condition of the bridges.

The project involves replacement of the existing Highway 417 eastbound and westbound rigid-frame bridges at Preston Street, Rochester Street, Booth Street, Bronson Avenue and Percy Street using a Rapid Bridge Replacement (RBR) technology. RBR technology involves constructing the new bridges in a staging area and during a full traffic shutdown of Highway 417 demolition the existing bridge and move the new bridge into place over a 4 -day weekend period.

Additional work will be completed to rehabilitate infrastructure in the Highway 417 corridor and provide operational improvements and noise barrier replacements. The project includes the following work:

  • Preparation of the construction staging areas associated with the construction of each of the replacement bridges within these areas.
  • In-place demolition of the existing bridges, including excavation of the existing bridge approaches to accommodate the rapid bridge replacement.
  • Transportation of the bridge from the construction staging area to the bridge site using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs).
  • Building demolition at 458 Catherine Street.
  • Replacement of 4.5 km existing noise barriers from Island Park Drive to Kent Street and construction of 860 m of new noise barriers under the Noise Barrier Retrofit Program within the same limits.
  • Rehabilitation/replacement of existing retaining walls from Island Park Drive to Kent Street.
  • Construction of related works, including roadside barriers, pavement rehabilitation, drainage improvements, modifications to illumination/ATMS, and site restoration including landscaping as required.
  • Improvements to the Bronson Avenue Interchange including lengthening of the westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramps; re-alignment of Chamberlain Avenue; drainage improvements; traffic signals and associated roadway illumination; and site restoration including landscaping as required.


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