Progress on the future Hwy417 structures
Retaining wall construction west of Percy St
Bronson Ave Ramps Construction
Close up view of future Bronson St structure
Bronson RBR - Demolition Begins
Bronson RBR - Westbound Bridge Instalation
Bronson RBR - Demolition Continues
Bronson RBR - Eastbound Bridge Instalation
Bronson RBR - Bridge Instalation Continues
Bronson RBR - Instalation Complete
Bronson RBR - Backfilling
Percy RBR - Demolition In Progress
Percy RBR - Off-Ramp Moving Into Place
Percy RBR - Westbound Bridge Installation
Percy RBR - Westbound Bridge in Place
Percy RBR - Eastbound Bridge Installation
Percy RBR - Eastbound Bridge in Place
Percy Bridge Reopened
Percy Street Pedestrian & Cyclist Reopening